Running the Gulf – Alberto Heads North

The 14:00 EDT update is in. So, where is Alberto? subtropical Storm Alberto is currently at 27.7 N and 84.7 W, which is about 135 mi W of Tampa and about 140 mi S of Apalachicola. His max sustained winds are constant at 50 mph, and he’s moving N at 13 mph. Minimum central pressure is at 994 MB.

A storm surge watch is in effect from Crystal River to the Alabama/Florida border and a tropical storm warning is in effect from Longboat Key to the Mississippi/Alabama border. Alberto should become a tropical storm tonight. The Gulf is warm and the shear has slowed.

Tiffany predicted Tallahassee yesterday and Joey predicted Destin yesterday. Time will tell, but it definitely looks like the storm is heading almost due north, and his turn to the west should be very minor. He won’t become a hurricane (the gulf isn’t quite warm enough and the air is too dry and he’s moving at a reasonable clip) but this storm will definitely continue to impact the state of Florida for the rest of the holiday weekend, making landfall sometime tomorrow.



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