Pour some whiskey and get ready for Ophelia

ophelia 10.14

Yes, it’s happening — Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom are in Hurricane Ophelia’s path. Ophelia currently is a category 2 storm, but she should weaken slightly before hitting land.

The National Hurricane Center has issued advisories for Ophelia, but those in the affected areas should pay attention to local news updates. Here’s the report from the NHC:

*Interests in the Azores should refer to products issued by the
Azores Weather Forecast and Watch Center.

*Interests in Ireland should monitor products issued by Met Eireann,
and interests in the United Kingdom should monitor products issued
by the UK Met Office.

The Irish Meteorological Service has issued a “status red” for the country, which is the highest possible weather warning available.

While most people don’t associate Ireland with tropical weather, this is not Ireland’s first experience with a cyclonic system. Hurricane Debbie struck the country in 1961, bringing winds up to 114 mph. The remnants of Debbie actually made it to Norway and parts of Russia before finally dissipating.

Satellite photo of Hurricane Debbie, c/o Wikipedia Commons.

There’s no doubt about it — this is a crazy hurricane season. Stay tuned for further updates on Ophelia as she slams into the Azores and the Irish coast. We’re also monitoring a tropical disturbance located east of the Leeward Islands. The season certainly isn’t slowing down yet.


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