Sweet Little Sixteen


A new, as-yet-to-be-named tropical depression has suddenly formed in the SW Caribbean. What’s interesting about this storm is that we did not expect formation, and yet, boom, here we are. Currently, TD 16 is located at 12.3N 82.3W, 45 miles WSW of San Andres Island and 195 miles SSE of Cabo Gracias A Dios on the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. Mas sustained winds are currently 35 MPH, moving NW at 7MPH, with central pressure at 1005 MB. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from Sandy Bay Sirpi, Nicaragua to Punta Castilla, Honduras. Expect TD 16 to move across Nicaragua and Honduras, and hit open waters again on Friday. Right now, the cone has a center around Apalachicola, FL (aka the Big Bend region) probably Sunday or Monday. Of course, everything is subject to change. According to the NHC, “A large mid/upper-level trough is forecast to drop over the SW Gulf of Mexico, providing a low-shear environment for the cyclone.” I’d expect some quick intensification over the very warm and deep Gulf of Mexico.

So, what is “central pressure”? Check back tomorrow for a blog on barometric pressure and hurricanes! But wait! There’s more!

Tropical Storm Ramon, on the Pacific Side, is currently located at 15.0N 97.0W, 60 miles SW of Puerto Angel, Mexico with max sustained winds of 45 MPH. Ramon is moving WNW at 7 MPH with a minimum central pressure of 1002 MB. a Tropical Storm warning is in effect from Puerto Angel to Acapulco. Expect Ramon to move W and pick up some forward speed over the next two days or so. He is predicted to stay just off the coast of Mexico.



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