Weathering the Storm

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Photo cred: Don McCullough via Flickr

I can’t lie. Today, I feel too numb to write about hurricanes. You see, almost 16 months ago, in my town, in a club I’ve partied at, 49 of my neighbors were murdered, and 58 others were injured. Yesterday, 59 people were slaughtered, and another 527 were injured. It really brought it all back. All the feelings. All the sorrow. All the hurt. All the fear. Then I remembered that I have friends in Vegas. Luckily, they are all safe.

I’m not going to get political. That’s not what this site is about.

However, I do want to speak to the residents of Las Vegas. It will get better. You will come together. You will grieve together. You will stand shoulder to shoulder. Your neighbors will show love and compassion. You’ll have pride for the beautiful acts of love, compassion and empathy shown by others. It won’t bring the 59 (or more) back, but it will honor them.

Also know that we are with you. We are in this together. We are Las Vegas. I am Las Vegas. You are Las Vegas. We are with you. Many will pray. Many will grieve. Many will send love and help and hope. We will visit your city, honor your loved ones, and honor your grief. More than politicians and photo ops, we will show you love and support.

I know you won’t feel it today. You may not feel it tomorrow. Hell, you may not feel anything tomorrow. Grief is hard. Its inconvenient. It’s weight will be felt for weeks, if not months or years.

Do not forget that we are with you. We grieve with you and for you. We will love and support you. It will get better.

I look forward to the stories of heroism, of love, of togetherness that will be told in the coming weeks. I was never so proud to live in Orlando, a city that I’ve loved my whole adult life, as I was after I watched people come together in the aftermath of Pulse. Already, I’ve heard that blood donation lines are blocks and blocks long.

I’m sorry if you are disappointed in the lack of a hurricane-related post today. Some days, it will be like that, I think. I love storms, and I love discussing storms, but sometimes we’ve got to step aside and look at the world.

If you want to help out, consider donations to the National Compassion Fund.


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