Hello, October!

quiet in the tropics.png

Happy October, everyone! We’re pleased to report that the National Hurricane Center is forecasting clear tropics — at least for the next 48 hours. Of course, hurricane season is not over, so we’ll still be keeping a close eye on the tropics here at H-D.

Statistically speaking, September is the busiest month for hurricanes, but October has certainly seen its share of storms through the years. Hurricanes tend to track southward during October, making South Florida the most vulnerable part of the United States. However, many Floridians (Joey included!) likely remember when Hurricane Opal made her way northward to the western Florida panhandle in 1995.

I’ve noticed that many news outlets are reporting that Florida could still experience another landfalling hurricane this month, which is a scary thought given that we’re still trying to get back on track after Hurricane Irma. Anything is possible, but keep in mind that Florida hasn’t experienced a landfalling hurricane in October since monster storm Wilma in 2005.


For now, I think it’s safe to enjoy some pumpkin spice coffee and enjoy the ever-so-slightly cooler weather. And please, if you haven’t yet, donate to our friends in Puerto Rico.


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