Lee is No More, Lee has Ceased to Be! Tropical Update 9/30

Post-Tropical Cyclone Lee is now a post-tropical low over the northern Atlantic and the NHC will not be providing further updates. Lee is currently located at 46.7N 35.6W, 745 NNW of the Azores. He still has maximum sustained winds of 50 MPH, moving NE at 51 MPH. Lee is expected to degenerate into a trough of low pressure later today.

What is a post-tropical low? A post-tropical cyclone is a former tropical cyclone. There are two categories of post-tropical cyclones: (1) extra-tropical cyclone, which is frontal (boundary separating two masses of air of different densities), and may retain tropical storm-force or hurricane-force winds; (2) remnant low, which is not frontal. Not all systems fall into the above two classes. According to the guideline, a system without frontal characteristics but with maximum winds above 34 knots may not be designated as a remnant low. It should be merely described as post-tropical. (Wikipedia)

Tropical Storm Maria is now located at 39.6N 50.5W, 505 miles SSE of Cape Race, Newfoundland. She is moving ENE at 32 MPH with max sustained winds of 60 MPH. She is expected to weaken to an extra-tropical low tonight and continue weakening over the next 48 hours. Her forward speed is also increasing.

Disturbance 1 is a tropical low with very little chance of forming into anything – as of 2:00 am 9/30, the NHC gives it a 30% chance over formation, though that will gradually weaken over the next two days. Expect heavy rains from Gainesville to Cuba over the next two days from this system.

Disturbance 2 is barely worth mentioning, with a 0% chance of formation over the next 48 hours and a 10% chance of forming over the next 5 days, though she may also bring a lot of rain to Cuba, PR and Florida.


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