Out to Sea – Tropical Update 5 AM 9/29

Hurricane Lee is currently located at 38.3N 52.4W, about 810 miles NE of Bermuda and 1375 miles W of the Azores. He’s moving NE at 25 MPH (that’s a very fast-moving hurricane!) with max sustained winds of 75 MPH. He’s certainly been an interesting storm to watch! The forecast is for him to continue to weaken, even as he accelerates. He will be a Tropical Storm later today and will dissipate tomorrow.

Tropical Storm Maria is almost parallel with Lee on the map, located at 37.2N 63.3W, 350 miles NNE of Bermuda and 510 miles S of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She’s moving E at 21 MPH, with max sustained winds of 60 MPH. Like Lee, she will accelerated and will turn ENE. Expect her to continue moving out to sea at least through Sunday. She is not expected to weaken much over the next 48 hours.

There are no other storms in the Atlantic or Pacific at this time. There are some remnants of the tropical disturbance between Florida and Cuba that will bring Florida some rain this weekend.


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