What’s that disturbance to the south of Florida?



I don’t know about you all, but when I see anything that even slightly resembles a cloud hovering over the Caribbean these days, I just shake my head. I’ve always believed that you should get a two-week reprieve from heavy rain after a major hurricane. However, it’s been weeks now since Irma made landfall in Central Florida — where does the time go?

But yes, yes indeed — there’s a tropical disturbance just south of Cuba that’s expected to bring some rain this upcoming weekend. I know that it has a small chance of forming into a full-fledged storm (less than 10 percent), but I think we need a break.

In other hurricane news, Maria and (Category 3!) Lee are still hanging out in the Atlantic Ocean, packing for their European vacation. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for the North Carolina coast due to Maria, which will probably cause some wind and choppy seas around these areas.


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