The Tango Maria – 9/25 Morning Update

two_atl_0d0 (3)

Hurricane Lee has hit a wall! Currently located at 31.1N 49.4W, about 910 miles E of Bermuda and 1350 m WSW of the Azores, he’s completely stationary. He continues to be a very tiny hurricane, with max sustained winds of 90 MPH extending out 10 miles from the center. Isn’t he totes adorbs? He should begin to make a very very slow WSW movement later today. Why is he stationary? The trough that was steering Lee has moved out, leaving him with no real weather to steer him around. He’s in his own wake, which is cooler than the surrounding waters, as well. A trough is an elongated or extended of low atmospheric pressure. Expected him to meander about for a day or three before he moves further into the Atlantic.

Hurricane Maria is currently at 30.6N 73.0W, 350 miles SSE of Cape Hatteras, NC. she has weakened, with max sustained winds of 80 MPH (that extend out 70 miles from the eye), and is moving N at 7 MPH. Much of the North Carolina coast is under a tropical storm warning and a storm surge watch. Expect the same movement for the next 36 hours or so, though she will slow in her forward movement.

Tropical Storm Pilar is poorly organized, but continues to dump a lot of rain in Mexico. She’s currently at 22.2N 106.6W, about 50 miles NNW OF Las Islas Marias and about 70 miles S Mazatlan, Mexico. She’s moving NNW at 9 MPH and has max sustained winds of 40 MPH. Fortunately, she will dissipate in the next 24-36 hours.


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