Lee intensifies while Maria weakens – 9/24 5:00 AM update

Hurricane Lee has rapidly strengthened. He’s currently at 31.8N 50.1W, 1370 W of the Azores with maximum sustained winds of 85 MPH. He is currently moving S at 1 MPH. Later today he should begin to drift SE. He remains a very small hurricane but with a very defined eye, now. He should be a major hurricane in about 24 hours, and will begin to weaken in about 4 days, thanks to Maria’s wake. It looks like he will just meander about the Atlantic with no coastal impact.

Hurricane Maria is currently located at 27.9N 72.7W, 290 miles ENE of Abaco Island and 530 miles SSE of Cape Hatteras, NC. Her max sustained winds are 110 MPH. The Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic Coast should take an interest in this storm, though there are no watches or warnings yet. she should continue to move N or NW over the next 72 hours at 9 MPH. You should expect some direct impact with the coast next week. Currents will be rough, with swells and rip tides to be expected to Florida through the Mid-Atlantic Coast today.

Tropical Storm Pilar in the Eastern North Pacific – Located at 19.1N 105.6W, 85 miles W of Manzanillo, Mexico and 90 miles S of Cabo Corrientes, Mexico, Pilar is moving NNW at 5 MPH, with max sustained winds of 45 MPH. She will bring heavy rain to portions of SW Mexico today. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the SW coast of Mexico from Manzanillo northward to El Roblito, including the Islas Marias. She is expected to bring between 7″ and 15″ of rain to some areas. Some strengthening may occur over the next 36 hours.


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