…and then there were three…no, one, no, two…9/22 8:00 PM update

two_atl_0d0 (2)

Okay, first, the good news – Jose is done. Post Tropical Cyclone Jose is now located at 39.3N 69.1W with max sustained winds of 45 MPH, moving SE at 3 MPH and tropical storm warnings are lifted. Per NOAA: Swells generated by Jose are affecting Bermuda and much of the U.S. east coast and will likely cause dangerous surf and rip current conditions during the next couple of days. I really enjoyed the snarky forecast discussion from NOAA as well, and thought you might too: “After 70 advisories, enough is enough. The tropical-storm-force winds from Jose have finally subsided and moved out of the
southern New England. Thus, the wind hazard to land has decreased, and this will be the last advisory on Jose since it is already post-tropical. A slow decay over cold water is forecast while the low drifts southeastward to southward. The cyclone should degenerate into a trough within 3 days as forecast by the global models.”

Now, the interesting news (with some good news littered in) – Tropical Depression Lee is currently located at 30.8N 48.9W. You read that right, Lee regenerated (is he a timelord??) and is again a TD. He’s 940 miles E of Bermuda and won’t be a threat to land, but it is fascinating to watch this season, don’t you agree? He’ll move N or NW over the next few days and strengthen. I have attached the image caught by NOAA earlier today…


…and, of course, Maria… She’s currently located at 23.8N 71.6W. She’s moving NNW at 9 MPH. She’s 300 miles E of the Central Bahamas and 400 miles ESE of Nassau. She’ll continue NNW for the next 20-24 hours, then make a northern turn. She’s still a Cat 3 but she’s moving away from the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos, who are both under TS warnings presently. The eye wall is looking ragged and she’s moving into cooler waters, so she should really weaken over the next two to three days.


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