No news isn’t good news when it comes to Hurricane Maria

maria 8pm 919.png

We were pretty quiet during the day today at H-D, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t watching the tropics. Unfortunately for our friends in Puerto Rico, Maria has been gradually strengthening all day and now has devastating 175 mph winds. Maria is now one of the top 10 strongest storms of all time, joining monster storms like Irma, Rita, and Camille.

To give you a sense of Maria’s staggering strength, check out these satellite images. Infrared images of the storm showed intense convection and a well-defined eye. It looks cool, but it’s also kinda terrifying.

noaa infared

We’ll continue to monitor Maria as she makes landfall in Puerto Rico tomorrow morning. Plus, we’ll reveal how Hurricane Jose might have a hand in Maria’s final turn to the north.


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