Eye on the tropics: Sept. 16, 2017

2pm noaa 9.16.png
Photo cred: nhc.noaa.gov

While Florida recovers from Hurricane Irma, we’re keeping our eye on three systems. Here’s what to watch for this weekend:

  • Hurricane Jose doesn’t seem to be a direct threat to land at this point, but we’ll all sleep a little better once we see it drift off into the cooler waters of the ocean.
  • Tropical Depression 15 is another concern. It’s currently moving due west and will likely develop into a Tropical Storm Maria this weekend. Tropical storm watches are already being issued for parts of the Lesser Antilles, which were affected by Hurricane Irma. Maria may strengthen to a hurricane as it travels through the Caribbean and may reach Category 2 status by Thursday.
  • Tropical Storm Lee continues to churn in the eastern Atlantic, though it is not expected to have an impact on land during the next five days.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates as these storms draw closer to the U.S.


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